20 November 2008

First Look At Johnny Depp As The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter, played by Johnny Depp in Burton's Alice in Wonderland, will look like this according to the latest news by Katey Rich. This might not be the final version, since the movie is going to be motion-captured animation. But this concept art image of the Mad Hatter - Depp looks still very much like other Tim Burton movie characters.
Even if they change it to suit the motion-capture version, the Mad Hatter will look bizarre.
Another report talks about the plans for the Alice movie to be shot in 3-D.
Apparently this has changed. Burton is using only standard 2-D film cameras on the set at the moment. It may be that Burton who hasn't worked in 3-D before is making the change to be able to direct the way he is used to.