20 March 2009

This will be the famous grin of the Cheshire Cat

Stephen Fry has confirmed in the interview with BBC News on 18/2/09 that he will indeed play the part of the Cheshire Cat in Tim Burton’s Alice movie. I think this is a really good choice, I can already see the grin in the air. Can you?

Another casting news that finally looks certain is Michael Sheen as the White Rabbit. Many sources are confirming this, Brendon Connelly from /film being amongst the first to put that rumor out and now even Wikipedia states it as a fact. Photo of Michael is on the right.
Now this film seems to have the right faces for its characters.

One more rumor is going around and that is that Christopher Lee will be playing the Jabberwock, kind of a monster whom Alice will have to fight against.
Also known is that Jemma Powell will be Alice’s sister and
Lindsay Duncan will be Alice’s mother.
The casting seems to be nearly finished, which is about time since the film is set to be released in 12 months.
In the meantime, have you ever read the Jabberwocky poem?

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