19 August 2009

Interview With Tim Burton about Alice in Wonderland movie

Reelz Channel Movie News interviewd Tim Burton in Comic Con on 4/8/09. It seems that what we saw in the Alice in Wonderland trailer is pretty much what has been finished so far of the anticipated movie. Enormous amount of work is still to be done. Tim Burton was horrified at the suggestion that the Alice movie should be released before Christmas 2009 to take part in the award season. His comment was: "No, no, no. It'll be tough to make the March date!" Apparently Tim Burton has to work hard right up till the end to get the Alice in Wonderland movie released on March 5,2010.

Well, you can never wait too long for something excellent! By the way is it just me or is Tim Burton's hair beginning to look more and more like Mad Hatter's?