25 February 2010

Underland In Shock - Mia Wasikowska As Alice Loses Her Dress

The habitants of Wonderland, or Underland as Tim Burton calls it, are up for a shock when Alice -Mia Wasikowska- grows to a size of a church tower and her dress is ripped off at the process. Alice hides behind tall bushes when she's discovered by the feared ruler Iracebeth, the Red Queen. Luckily Iracebeth notices a similarity between herself and this huge newcomer to the 'queendom' - they both have a huge head - and she shows some compassion by ordering the servants to sew some clothes for the poor giant.

The White Rabbit, called McTwisp, is behind this misfortune of Alice, because he feeds Alice a cake that makes her grow - too much.

Watch for yourself, here is a clip of the film. The full movie will be on the big screens in 8 days! Unless you live in the U.K., Ireland, Italy or Holland.  Executives at Odeon, which owns 107 cinemas in the U.K. and Ireland, have decided to boycott Burton's 3-D film after plans were announced to launch the movie on DVD just three months after it hits theaters. The Dutch film lovers are also going to miss out because many movie theatre owners in Holland are going to boycott Alice in Wonderland if the early release of the film to DVD goes ahead.  Australians instead are going to get special treatment, because the film hits the movie screens early - Thursday March 4, 2010! Life in Wonderland isn't fair, is it?

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  1. Nice clip from the movie! Mia Wasikowska is so great for the role of Alice!


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