04 March 2010

Alice In Wonderland Movie Review - Why Is Raven Like A Writing Desk?

I have just returned from the Underland, Tim Burton's Wonderland. I've met all the creatures, and while many of them are funny and cute, the Cheshire Cat is best of all. This vaporising feline appears suddenly, always at the right time and disappears as quickly, finally saving the day!

Alice in Wonderland is Disney's latest 3D production. Alice Kingsley (Mia Wasikowska) is a 19 year old girl in Victorian era who escapes getting engaged by following a White Rabbit through a rabbit hole to Underland. There she meets the Mad Hatter, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, March Hare and Dormouse who try to convince Alice that she is the one who will help them return the crown to the White Queen (Anne Hathaway) from the evil big-headed Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter). Evidently there will be a battle scene in this plot but it is not too dark for all the family to enjoy.  Actually there is nothing dark in this Tim Burton film, except the stepping stones in the water surrounding the Castle. That is a little surprising considering Tim Burton's other movies; Edward Scissorhand, Corpse of A Bride, Sweeney Todd.

The scenery and animation is superb. It is amazing how believable the characters seem. The actual people acting with animated characters looks effortless and real. Another favorite of mine was the Caterpillar with the voice and facial features of Alan Rickman. All in all the many furry animals have such extreme personalities and they are so endearing, as you could expect from a Disney film, that there was a lot of laughter in the cinema tonight.

The music in the movie was in tune with the scenes, beautiful and exiting. Tim Burton has added many quotes to this film  from the original Lewis Carroll books. "Why is the raven like a writing desk?" is used several times; it truly points out the madness of the Hatter (Johnny Depp). But one was left missing: "We're all mad here!"

I enjoyed the film and so did my daughter who was giggling out loud half the time. I'd like to see it soon again and escape into the magic of Wonderland.
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  1. wow i seen it as well, just today. It's very strange because since i could walk my mother has read me the picture book up until i was about 6 i was engaged and from there i watched the disney movie (the original movie) at the age of 10 i had a book that explained a bit further detail and at the age of 13 i read Lewis Carroll's complete works of Alice in Wonderland and through the looking glass. Since then i have had a slight obsession with Alice in Wonderland. I played the pc game American Mcgee's Alice and about 2 years ago found out a movie was to be produced once again. When i found out it was to be directed by Tim Burton i was so excited because i love his work and films. :D
    Also i love Johnny Depp as an actor fabulous. Thank you for this post as it promotes the genius of Tim Burton i would also like to acknowledge Lewis Carrol.

    We're all mad here!


    I really like the bratty attitude of the Red Queen. Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp are two really great actors. I really really love the movie!

  3. Wow, this movie was one of the most amazing Movies I've ever seen.
    Tim Burton is an amazing director.
    Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are two of the more amazing actors I've ever seen.
    I loved how in this version Absolem tells Alice how she called Underland "Wonderland"
    And When Aice is Sitting by the Red Queen and She's like "This is Um, My new Favorite"

  4. I loved this movie too. Just when the mad hatter whispered in Alice's ear before she left someone in the theater audiance coughed out loud and everyone missed what he whispered. Can anyone tell me what he whispered in Alice's ear?

  5. Yes, I have the same question. What did he say?????

  6. He said fairfarren, alice.


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