24 June 2011

King of Hearts Quote from Alice in Wonderland

This week's Alice in Wonderland quote is a conversation between Alice and King of Hearts.

Alice is called up as a witness in the trial where the judge - King of Hearts-  is trying to find out who stole the Queen's tarts. But Alice is so very tall and big at this moment that she accidentally tips over the jury box with all the jurymen. This makes King of Hearts very annoyed and he decides to ask Alice to leave since she knows nothing about the stolen tarts anyway. But it doesn't go so well for King of Hearts:

King of Hearts: "Rule 42: All persons more than a mile high to leave the court."

Alice: "I am not a mile high. I shan't go at any rate. Besides, that's not a regular rule: you invented it just now."

King of Hearts: "It's the oldest rule in the book."

Alice: "Then it ought to be Number One!"

Alice wins this round and stays in court!

20 June 2011

The White Queen's Cheeky Quote To Alice in Wonderland

The White Queen has a cheeky offer for Alice and this is her quote:

"The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday - but never jam today."

-the White Queen

The White Queen promises Alice to pay her two pence a week and jam every other day if she was to become the Queen's maid. Of course this means that Alice would never get any jam, since today is always the 'No jam' day!

10 June 2011

Secret Alice in Wonderland Quote by the White Queen

Are you an Alice in Wonderland buff who knows most of the quotes in the Wonderland books? Do you know this one?
I will give you some clues and you can be the one to figure out what the quote is!

Alice meets the White Queen whose hair and clothing are a mess. Alice helps to entangle the Queen's hair and straightens her shawl. The White Queen is so impressed that she'd like to hire Alice as a lady's maid. She promises to pay Alice two pence a week and something else that has a rule attached to it. Now your turn is to figure out what that rule is!

"The rule is..._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ."

-the White Queen

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Next week I will post the full quote by the White Queen on this blog.

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03 June 2011

Alice in Wonderland Quote by the Caterpillar

This week's Alice in Wonderland quote comes from Alice herself.

Alice  is tiny again, coming from the White Rabbit's house where she has eaten a little pebble sized cake to change into a small girl and has come out of the house without breaking it. She walks in what looks like a thick forest to her and is looking for something to eat that would make her a normal size Alice again.

Alice  finds a huge mushroom and only reaches to see on top of it on tiptoe. There she sees a large caterpillar sitting and smoking a long hookah. After a while of staring at each other the Caterpillar asks Alice: "Who are you?" And when Alice mumbles something about changing so many times since the morning, the Caterpillar tells her to explain herself. But Alice has a problem with that:

"I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir, because I'm not myself, you see."



27 May 2011

Alice in Wonderland Quote by the Gryphon

Alice in Wonderland quote by the Gryphon is one of my favorite quotes:

"The adventures first...explanations take such a dreadful time."

- Gryphon

Alice is having a conversation with the Gryphon and the Mock Turtle by the beach. Alice has been mostly listening to the other two telling their stories and songs but then the Gryphon asks Alice to tell about her adventures as well. When Alice begins her tale a little hesitantly, the Mock Turtle wants her to explain it all. But the Gryphon is impatient and wants to hear only the exiting parts.

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20 May 2011

Alice in Wonderland Quote by the Duchess

This week's Alice in Wonderland quote comes from the Duchess.
Alice is walking with the Duchess who is for once in a pleasant temper. She tucks her arm into Alice's and rests her chin on Alice's shoulder, which Alice doesn't like much because her chin is uncomfortably sharp.

The Duchess talks and gives morals to everything from love to thinking without speaking. This is a moral to something that only the Duchess can understand:

"Take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves."
-the Duchess

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16 May 2011

Alice in Wonderland Quote by the Red Queen

This Alice in Wonderland quote comes from the Red Queen:

"Now here it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!"

- Red Queen

Alice meets the Red Queen after talking to the flowers in the Queen's garden. They go for a walk and the Red Queen explains to Alice how the area is a giant chess game and how they move from a square to another. She even promises Alice that in the eight square Alice will become a Queen herself!

While doing this they begin running and the Red Queen just makes them run faster and faster. But the strange thing is that the surroundings don't change at all.  And Alice feels that they are in the same place all the time, even though they run and run  for a long time. The Queen doesn't think anything of it but instead says that Alice's country must be then a very slow sort of a country.

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06 May 2011

Alice in Wonderland With the Cheshire Cat - the Vanishing Act and the Famous Grin

Alice is walking in the forest of  Wonderland after visiting the Duchess and saving the little pig from the pots and pans of the cook. Then she sees the Cheshire Cat and has a chat with it. The Cheshire Cat declares that everyone in Wonderland is mad while Alice asks for directions.
The conversation ends abruptly when the Cat vanishes, but he wants to ask Alice about the pig and suddenly appears again. This happens a couple of times and Alice is getting dizzy from the Cat's vanishing acts. Alice asks the Cheshire Cat not to do it so suddenly.

Therefore next time the Cat disappears very slowly beginning with the end of the tail and ending with the grin. The grin being the last thing to vanish, it stays in the air by itself for some time, and Alice is pretty amazed by this:

"Well, I've often seen a cat without a grin; but a grin without the cat! It's the most curious thing I ever saw in my life!"


Cheshire Cat is one of the most loved characters in Wonderland. This picture of the Cheshire Cat shows how he was illustrated by Sir John Tenniel in 1865 for Lewis Carroll’s book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.
To see more recent versions of the Cat and also quotes by him, click this link:
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29 April 2011

Alice in Wonderland Quote by Queen of Hearts

This week's Alice in Wonderland quote comes from the ever fearsome Queen of Hearts.

Alice is talking with the Duchess who is released from the prison in the middle of the Queen's croquet game. But when the Queen of Hearts sees the Duchess she stomps on the ground and shouts:

"Now, I give you fair warning, either you or your head must be off, and that in about half no time! Take your choice!"

-the Queen of Hearts

The Duchess doesn't think for a moment but vanishes in a second. She is too scared of the Queen and does not want to be taken back to the prison. The Queen then leads speechless Alice back to the croquet-ground.

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15 April 2011

Alice in Wonderland Quote by The White Queen - Best Quote

This Alice in Wonderland Quote comes from the White Queen. Alice is still in the woods and she has met the White Queen. They talk about many things; happiness, loneliness and beliefs. When the White Queen tells Alice that she is one hundred and one years, and five months and a day old, Alice cannot believe her. When the White Queen suggests Alice to try and believe, Alice says that one can't believe impossible things. The White Queen disagrees and says:

"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
-White Queen

White Queen by John Tenniel

This picture shows how Sir John Tenniel
illustrated the White Queen and Alice
in the original Lewis Carroll's book.

See how different the White Queen
looks in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
movie 2010:

Anne Hathaway as the White Queen

The White Queen portrayed
by Anne Hathaway.

08 April 2011

Alice In Wonderland Quote by Tweedledee

This week's Alice in Wonderland quote is from Tweedledee, the twin brother of Tweedledum
Alice is  wondering in the woods and trying to get to the 8th square before dark. She meets two fat boys who look like identical school boys. They have their names embroidered on their collars: TWEEDLEDUM and TWEEDLEDEE. Only DUM and DEE are showing in front .  Alice is in a hurry, since she doesn't want to be in the woods after dark. But the funny little boys don't want to let her go so quickly:

"Contrariwise, if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't. That's logic."
- Tweedledee

The boys talk in a funny way saying 'contrariwise' time and again. They say they know what Alice is thinking and this quote is Tweedledee's answer to her thoughts. But instead Alice says she was only thinking what is the best way out of the forest. Tweedledum and Tweedledee don't take any notice and begin repeating an extremely long piece of poetry for Alice.

Here are Tweedledum and Tweedledee in different productions. See how they have evolved through time from 1865 to 2010.

Twdeedledum and Tweedledee by John Tenniel

This picture is from the original Lewis Carroll's
"Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There"
by illustrator John Tenniel.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee in Disney's 1951 movie.
   This is how Tweedledum and
   Tweedledee looked in
   Disney's animated movie   Alice in Wonderland 1951.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie

     These chaps here are
     Tweedledum and Tweedledee in Tim Burton's
     Alice in Wonderland Disney movie 2010
     played by Matt Lucas.


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01 April 2011

Alice in Wonderland Talks to the Daisies - Best Quote

This Alice in Wonderland quote comes from a scene where Alice talks to the Daisies:

"If you don't hold your tongues, I'll pick you!"
- Alice

Alice comes to a garden with a large flower bed bordered by daisies and a willow-tree growing in the middle. Alice wishes that the flowers could talk and becomes speechless for a while when the Tiger-Lily answers her. The Lily explains that all flowers can talk but because most garden beds are so soft the flowers in them are always sleeping. This garden has a very hard ground and so the flowers are awake and can talk when they are addressed first. Suddenly all the daisies start talking and shouting at the same time and Alice shuts them up by whispering these scary words!

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18 March 2011

Alice in Wonderland Quote by King of Hearts

This quote is from the trial scene where the King of Hearts, acting as the judge, is trying to figure out  who has stolen the tarts from the Queen of Hearts:

"Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop."
-King of Hearts

The White Rabbit is acting as a Herald for the court, a servant who announces the accusation and the verdict and bears messages. He is supposed to read out loud a set of verses that has become an evidence in the trial. But the White Rabbit, who is wearing his spectacles, doesn't know where to begin!

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01 March 2011

Alice In Wonderland Wins Two Oscars In 83rd Academy Awards

Alice In Wonderland was nominated in 3 categories in 83rd Annual Academy Awards held on Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011 in Hollywood.
The first nomination was for Achievement in Art Direction, against 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1', 'Inception', 'True Grit' and 'The King's Speech'. Alice in Wonderland  was the winner of this category! Robert Stromberg (Production Design) and Karen O’Hara (Set Decoration) accepted the Oscar for Best Art Direction.
Robert Stromberg had one of the prop makers make a little Mad Hatter’s hat and he put the hat on top of his Oscar when he accepted the golden statue. He said: "I just thought it was a nice little punctuation to the end of the show."

The second Oscar for Alice in Wonderland went to Colleen Atwood for her Outstanding Achievement  in costume design.
Colleen Atwood has won the Academy Award twice before:  first time in 2003 for "Chicago" and the second time in 2006 for "Memoirs of a Geisha".

Carey Villegas was nominated for Best Achievement in Visual Effects for his work as visual effects supervisor on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. The biggest competitor in this category was Inception.
“Inception” has some very good effects, Villegas said, but there were only 500-800 visual effects shots, as compared to 2,000 in “Alice.” The two movies both had won an award recently.
 “Alice” had won the Golden Satellite Award for visual effects in December 2010 and “Inception” won the British Academy Awards in February 2011. So the competition was tight but in the end it was Inception that won the Oscar in Visual Effects category.

17 January 2011

Will Alice In Wonderland Win A Spot In Oscar Nominations?

Alice in Wonderland is one of the seven films that remain in the makeup competition of the 83rd Academy Awards.

January 22, 2011 will be an imortant date for Alice in Wonderland Movie: members of the Academy's Makeup Branch will view 10-minute excerpts from each of the shortlisted films. Following the screenings, they will vote to nominate three films for Oscar consideration.
The other titles competing for a nomination position are The Fighter, Barney's Version, Jonah Hex, True Grit, The Way Back and The Wolfman.
The winners for the 83rd Academy Awards nominations will be announced on January 25.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed for Alice!